A year-end fundraising program to help nonprofits optimize major giving in the context of COVID-19.

A new study says major donors are ready to give … Are you ready to ask?

A new nationwide study conducted by DickersonBakker sheds light on how COVID-19 will impact charitable giving through the end of this year. Overall the news is good — giving is likely to hold steady or even increase through the remainder of 2020. Bottom line … donors are prepared to give.

This good news also comes with a warning, however. Notably, only 60% of donors said they expect their giving to be stable. This means that 40% of 2020 year-end giving will be fluid. This is not unlike what happened in the wake of the financial crash of 2008. Same as then, gains and losses are not likely to be evenly distributed. Nonprofit fundraisers who are complacent in making their case and/or not attentive to donors’ needs will likely pay a price.

But here’s the question many nonprofits are grappling with … What’s the most effective way to make a major ask when your donors are still unsure about attending events and cautious about visiting in person?

We have a solution that may be exactly what you need right now.

Learn about the DickersonBakker 2020 Year-End Giving Campaign program designed for major donors and will not conflict with your direct mail and other fundraising efforts.


We are offering this special campaign program at a steeply discounted price. These campaigns generate a very high ROI, and we do not normally offer them as a one-off service but given today’s circumstances we have decided to make an exception to that rule.


We are offering very flexible payment terms on these campaigns to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this opportunity to get the funding you need to manage through this crisis. Understanding that cash is tight for everyone right now, we have backloaded the payment schedule so that most of our fees can be paid later after you start receiving proceeds from this campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to conduct this campaign?

We recommend conducting this campaign during the fall as donors consider their year-end giving. Our research revealed that the 2020 year-end fundraising season will likely be productive. 85% of donors expect to give the same or more than they did the last year-end. Preparation for the campaign must begin now to optimize the opportunity for donor engagement during the critical final months of the year.

How long will it take to develop the campaign?

It takes approximately 8 weeks to develop and launch the campaign once an agreement has been formalized. The campaign runs for approximately 6 weeks after it is launched. If you are interested in a year-end campaign it is best to start now.

What does it take to get started?

All we need from you to get started is a simple agreement and a small initial payment. We expect there will be strong demand for this service, and we do not know exactly how many of these campaigns our team will be able to handle, so we are offering them to existing clients first and then to others on a first-come-first-served basis.

Did you know?
The overwhelming majority of mid- and major donors who gave a special contribution in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 are willing to consider giving more later in the year or are already planning to do so. All you need to do is ask.

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