A new nationwide study conducted by DickersonBakker indicates that charitable giving is likely to continue gaining strength through the end of 2021

Our 2020 major donor giving study, Charitable Giving in the Wake of COVID-19, reported that 85% of mid-level and major donors were intending to give the same or more to charities that year, despite the challenges related to COVID-19.

With the worst seemingly now behind us, nonprofit leaders are faced with a new uncertainty: What happens next?

Are donors likely to maintain giving at the elevated levels we saw in 2020? Or will they scale back in the same way that disaster relief giving typically wanes in the wake of a crisis, such as a major hurricane?

Our 2020 research study proved to be highly accurate in forecasting giving and helped many organizations plan ahead. This year, we decided to conduct a new nationwide study to similarly assess how donors are approaching their philanthropy in 2021. It is our hope that this study will again provide nonprofit leaders with valuable insights to help them navigate the crucial upcoming year-end giving season and make informed plans for the future.

“Overall, the findings that emerged from this study indicate that the 2020 surge in charitable giving does not appear to be following the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ pattern we often see after national disasters. Barring any major changes to underlying conditions it is likely that giving is going to remain strong through the fall fundraising season and into next year, which will help provide nonprofits with the resources they need to reach and serve more people during these challenging times.”  Derric Bakker, President of DickersonBakker

DickersonBakker Webinar - 2021 Donor Insight Study - Advancing Nonprofits Findings from Charitable Giving Strengthening in Post-Covid Recovery

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