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In today’s fundraising environment, nonprofits are experiencing intense competition for donor’s mindshare and partnership. Given this context, how and what you are communicating with your donors is vitally important to ensuring success in fundraising.

This is particularly true for major donors. As your closest and highest-value investors, they are keenly interested in learning about how their giving is making a difference. How, what, and when you are communicating with them is critically important and should be decidedly different from how you communicate with your mass market or mainstream donors.

Unfortunately, too few nonprofits have any real plan for how to strategically communicate with this vitally important segment of donors, who typically provide approximately half or more of most organizations’ annual fundraising income.

That’s where we come in. With over thirty-five years’ experience working with major donors, our team at Dickerson Bakker knows how, what, and when they want to hear from you. By filling the “space between” your personal contacts with messaging that is custom-designed for major donors, they will feel more connected to how their giving is making a difference in the lives of people, which almost always results in elevated giving.

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Impact Messaging:

A major gift requires a different approach and different follow-up. That’s why DickersonBakker’s Impact Messaging helps open discussions and complete gifts with major donors.

Impact Messaging brings quarterly communications to your strongest prospects and donors. The communication framework puts compelling content, strong offer construction and artistic design to work for your causes. Impact Messaging balances donor appreciation, solicitation, and impact reporting to help your donors see your organization as an opportunity for major impact. 

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Donor Communications:

DickersonBakker’s Donor Communications attracts donors to your organization and motivates them to give with response-proven postal letters, emails, events, and social media.

DickersonBakker Donor Communications shows the heart of your organization and encourages your donors to support your cause in three steps:

  1. Understand your organization with a Pre-Launch Survey
  2. Create a Donor Communication Plan to cultivate current donors, reach lapsed donors and acquire new donors
  3. Monitor your donor’s response through regular communication reports

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