Committing to a leadership role is just that - a commitment. We can help you accomplish the leadership vision and goals you imagined.
"Roy's reflective questioning approach allowed me the opportunity to consider how best to navigate some complex leadership issues."
John Chesnut, President/CEO | Wycliffe Bible Translators

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This is for details about executive coaching – section 1

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Potential timeline of how coaching services would work

  • Discovery Conversation

    Step One

    A Discovery Coaching Conversation consists of a 30-40-minute phone call where we will talk through your Coaching journey options and next steps.

  • Plan

    Step Two

    something to do with the beginning of coaching

  • Assess

    Step Three

    something to do with the middle of coaching

  • Deliver

    Step Four

    something to do with the end of the coaching


Link to a blog article with common questions people have about executive coaching

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