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DickersonBakker has extensive experience working with private and Christian Colleges and Universities.

Over the 35+ years that our firm has been in business, we have helped conduct hundreds of capital campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Whether you are looking to conduct a campaign for new buildings, athletic facilities, scholarships, an endowment, a combination of the above, or any other type of major fundraising campaign, we are experts in providing the counsel and assistance to successfully complete a capital campaign that will help your school take a substantial leap forward in the fulfillment of your vision.

In addition to Capital Campaigns, we are also available to provide assistance to private and Christian Colleges and Universities with Executive Search, Grant Development, and Major Gift Solutions.

“I appreciate DickersonBakker focuses on results and the fact that they have always met and exceeded my expectations in our work together.”
- Dustin Rubeck, President, Dallas Christian College

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